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Bravo, with qualifiers. Regenerative A2 dairy! Wow, that’s both amazing and laudable. Bringing that milk into a treat we all love, like ice cream is a great start, but the sugar aspect needs critical examination. No matter how regenerative the cane farming is, it will still provoke a big glycemic response in consumers. As someone who learned too late to prevent damage to my body, insulin resistance is a very real, very prevalent disease, estimated as affecting some 80% of us on the planet. See the work of Ben Bikman, PhD for reference.

Please explore stevia, which I’m sure can also be sustainably grown, and if it hasn’t been yet, perhaps inspire someone to start! I’d buy and happily promote your ice cream once I was sure it wouldn’t contribute to this hidden but devastating epidemic called insulin resistance. All the best to you. So far, so great.

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